To configure the Emulator for synchronization via network connection, perform the following steps:

1. Ensure that the HotSync Manager is running on the desktop computer.

2. Ensure that HotSync Manager is configured for "Network" synchronization.

Click on the HotSync Manager icon in the Windows system tray and ensure that it is configured for "Network" synchronization. (A check mark next to a menu item indicates which options are enabled.) Note: other synchronization methods such as "Local," "Local Serial," or "Modem" can also be enabled.

3. Enable network synchronization for your HotSync Manager user.

Click on the HotSync Manager icon in the Windows system tray and select Setup.... Select the Network preferences tab and ensure that the HotSync Manager user that you wish to use for synchronization with the Emulator is enabled for network synchronization (see Figure 9.3).

Figure 9.3 Enabling Network Synchronization for a HotSync Manager User

4. Start the Emulator on the desktop computer.

5. Configure the Emulator to redirect NetLib calls.

Right-click on the Emulator handheld skin to pop-up the application menu. Select Settings > Properties... and check the "Redirect NetLib calls to host TCP/IP" check box (see Figure 9.4). The "Serial Port" can be set to "None," but this is not required.

Figure 9.4 Redirect NetLib Calls in the Emulator

6. Start the HotSync application on the Emulator (see Figure 9.5).

Figure 9.5 Palm OS 3.1 and Later HotSync Application

7. Click on the silk-screen Menu button in the Emulator. The Options menu appears as shown in Figure 9.6.

Figure 9.6 HotSync Options Menu

8. Set the Modem Sync preferences in the Emulator.

Select Options > Modem Sync Prefs... and click on the "Network" option (see Figure 9.7). Click OK.

Figure 9.7 HotSync Application's Modem Sync Preferences

9. Set the LANSync preferences in the Emulator.

Select Options > LANSync Prefs... and click on the LANSync option (see Figure 9.8). Click OK.

Figure 9.8 HotSync Application's LANSync Preferences

10. Set the Primary PC Setup preferences in the Emulator.

Select Options > Primary PC Setup... and set the "Primary PC Address" to for local loopback (see Figure 9.9). Click OK.

Figure 9.9 Emulator's Primary PC Address Loopback

11. Select a network profile (see Figure 9.10).

In the HotSync application on the Emulator, click the Modem push button. Then click Select Service below the HotSync icon. The Network Preferences panel displays. Simply click Done. You do not need to change any information, but you do need to have a profile selected.

Figure 9.10 HotSync Application's Network Profile Selection

12. To start a HotSync operation, click the Modem Sync icon (see Figure 9.11).

NOTE: Unlike a Local (serial) HotSync operation, a network HotSync operation cannot be started by selecting the HotSync menu item in the Emulator application menu. The Emulator prompts you to choose an account or create a new account. It is highly recommended that you create a new account solely for use with the Emulator.

Figure 9.11 Starting a Modem Sync for Network HotSync Operation

If configured correctly, a HotSync operation now begins between the Emulator "handheld" and the HotSync Manager on the desktop.