Frequently Asked Questions about my synchronization conduit between MaTirelire and a Windows PC

Write me if you have other problems.

Do I have to install PALM's COM Environment if I use a USB craddle?

Yes, as in this case COM means Component Object Model and has nothing to do with serial COM ports. It is a necessary component for conduits written in Visual Basic (or other languages) .

I get error code 1005 when running the installer

This error is due to the COM environment not being installed.

It is very important to install the components in the specified order:

  1. PALM's COM environment
  2. Conduit (with or without VB)
  3. Conduit alone

Does the conduit run on Macs, Linux, BeOS...?

No. It only runs on Windows PC.

Why are there several files to download and install?

As I cannot know what files you already have installed on your computer, it is easier to keep it in separate files. So that you download only what you need.
And upgrading means downloading only a tiny file.

Why aren't there any direct links to applications like Money, Quicken, ...?

Very simple: those programs are protected © by their respective editors.
This means that the file format they use to store transactions is proprietary and the specifications of the file format are not available.
Without those specs it is impossible to read or write directly in those files.
It could be possible to guess the file format by examining the existing files, but this is called reversed engineering and is also forbidden.
On the other hand Quicken and Money both support the (well documented) exchange file format called QIF, other applications can import CSV files, so it is possible to synchronize using the two little programs ToQif and ToCSV in conjuction with the conduit.

The language DLL 'VB6FR.DLL' could not be found.

I get the error
the language DLL 'VB6FR.DLL' could not found.
whan running the installer.

You do not have the Visual Basic runtime installed. Please Dowload and install Conduit (1.47 Mo) including the VB environment.
Once this part is installed, the installer runs without problems.

Ma Tirelire Conduit - Copyright © 2002
Translated by Gilles Richard